LR Shut down Founder Arrested

LR Shut down Founder Arrested  Liberty Reserve Exchange Shut down Closed, CEO Founder Arthur Budovsky Arrested Indicted, 

When will the LR Exchange Site recover, 
When will be the Liberty Reserve Exchange Site open?
How can i get my LR Account money back
I Cannot access the LR Site ?

These are the questions that have been more prevalent now in the Trading realm as the Liberty Reserve Exchange . site has been shut down

Liberty Reserve, a Costa Rica-based private currency exchange with its own digital currency, has shut down around the same time its founder has been arrested in connection with a money laundering investigation.
Arthur Budovsky, the exchange’s founder, was arrested Friday in Spain, according to the Costa Rican newspaper The Tico Times. The paper reported that the money laundering investigation was a joint operation between authorities in the US and Costa Rica. (ThisYouTube video, posted Saturday, features a Costa Rican prosecutor discussing the investigation.)
It added that US authorities are likely to seek to extradite Budovsky to the US.
Liberty Reserve used its own digital currency — also called the Liberty Reserve, or LR — to provide payment processing services to customers holding US dollars or euros.  Bitcoin Magazine credits Liberty Reserve with being “one of the chief enablers of the Bitcoin economy’s early growth”, noting that in 2011 Liberty Reserve and Dwolla were among the few services then available for people who wanted to transfer funds to exchanges to buy bitcoins.
In addition to enabling such transactions for a low fee — a flat 1 percent with a maximum of $2.99 — Liberty Reserve, like Bitcoin, didn’t allow chargebacks. However, the LR exchange has experienced significant security problems several times in the past.
In April 2011, it was revealed that Liberty Reserve customer information was accessible to Amazon. And a reported script problem in August 2012 ended up locking many users out of their accounts, some of which had thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in them

Digital currency Liberty Reserve has been shut down after U.S. and Costa Rican authorities arrested founder Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk in Spain.
Central American newspaper The Tico Times reports that Budovsky was arrested Friday. Investigators say that Budovsky’s businesses in Costa Rica, including Liberty Reserve, were used to launder money for child pornography websites and drug trafficking.

This isn’t the first time Budovsky has been in trouble with the law. Back in 2006, Budovsky and his partner Vladimir Kats were indicted in the United States on charges related to dealings with their business GoldAge. Authorities said at that time that Gold Age had illegally transmitted at least $30 million to digital currency accounts. The two were sentenced to five years in prison in 2007 but only ended up serving probation. Budovsky then skipped out of the United States and headed to Costa Rica, where he subsequently started Liberty Reserve.

Liberty Reserve has offered mostly unregulated payment processing services for U.S. dollars and euros for years. Back in 2011, Liberty Reserve was known for being one of the first ways of easily converting U.S. dollars to Bitcoins and vice versa


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